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Wadestown, Wellington
New Zealand

Michael Dunn is the Managing Principal of Economic and Fiscal Consulting Limited (ECOFISC) which he founded in 2008. Michael has more than 20 years of experience in economic analysis and modelling, in revenue and fiscal forecasting, and in advising Governments in New Zealand and globally. 



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 Economic and Fiscal Consulting Limited


"Our mission is to create a better world for people by encouraging governments and businesses to adopt better policies and practices."
  • We provide specialized expertise in quantitative economic and fiscal analysis, in economic and social impact analysis, and in forecasting.
  • We provide estimates of the impact of policy proposals upon people and enterprises, including social and compliance costs, as well as the impact on government spending and revenue.
  • We provide independent analysis and advice on how economic issues affect government and private sector  enterprises, and on improving economic efficiency and productivity.
  • We offer these services to current and potential new clients in New Zealand and globally.
"EcoFisc provides expert advice to businesses and governments to help them to assess and manage the economic and societal impact of their decisions and policies."