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Wadestown, Wellington
New Zealand

Michael Dunn is the Managing Principal of Economic and Fiscal Consulting Limited (ECOFISC) which he founded in 2008. Michael has more than 20 years of experience in economic analysis and modelling, in revenue and fiscal forecasting, and in advising Governments in New Zealand and globally. 


Blog for "ecofisc" as the trading name of Economic and Fisacl Consulting Limited, Wellington, New Zealand. Pricipal author Dr.Michael Dunn.


First Post

Michael Dunn

This is Michael Dunn, Managing Principal at Economics and Fiscal Consulting Limited, in Wellington, New Zealand.  Welcome to our web-site, which I started building on my birthday, 27 July, with the help and advice of Melissa Hartwick of Motif Agency.

The primary focus of "ecofisc" which is the trading name of this business is in providing expert analysis of government finances, including both revenue and expenditure, invesment in assets and their returns, and the fiscal balance - revenue less expenses. With our expertise in modelling and forecasting, we are also able to review the medium and longer term impact of fiscal policies and trends in the fiscal balance. We also estimate the social and economic impact of government spending and taxation proposals. We can also apply our skills to business analysis, estimating the impact of following varying strategies under different scenarios.  

The photographs on this site are my from my collection of personal work. I enjoy photography as a form of creative expression, with a penchant for interpreting landscapes and city-scapes. I occasionally shoot photographic assignments, even weddings, mostly as favours to friends.